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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Number 264: Robert Pinsky "ABC"


Any body can die, evidently. Few
Go happily, irradiating joy,

Knowledge, love. Many
Need oblivion, painkillers,
Quickest respite.

Sweet time unafflicted,
Various world:

X=your zenith.

--Robert Pinsky

Hap Notes: Pinsky's clever verse has a deep level in that the alphabet is one of the tools with which we first learn to communicate. It is elemental, a box of spoons (or knives), a set of crayons, a rack of spices for cooking, building blocks, and keys – skeleton, Allen, West, mon, piano, of the Kingdom, of Romulus or Enoch or Solomon and don. What we do with the keys is a very individual process. But, throughout one's life, the "keys" often define the world.

Here is Pinsky reading the poem aloud:

Here's where we have talked about Pinskey before:

It's Saturday (yay!) so here are some cartoon bits and songs:

Of course we have the double punch of the Jackson Five in their cartoon with the classic "ABC":

Here they are for Alphabits cereal:

and again:

Here's a charming Sesame Street madrigal-like alphabet:

And a Sesame Street Rube Goldberg-like alphabet:

This is Lowkey with Faith SFX with "Alphabet Assassin":

Here's India's famous ZENiTH Dance Troupe performing at a wedding:

Alphabits with "magic sprinkles":

An oldie but a goodie from Letters To Cleo (remember them?):

And finally- this just cracks me up:
(taken from "Family Guy")

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