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Thursday, August 30, 2012

I know I have been absent from the site for quite a while but I was finishing up my children's book (The Dark Possum Book One: A Brotherhood of Bothers or a Botherhood of Brothers?) and trying to balance (like so many right now) my life with an unemployment check that (I don't mean to sound ungrateful) is never remotely enough. One does a great deal of robbing Peter to pay Paul except that Peter ain't got much either. Lots of folks in the same washtub but the moon belongs to everyone. Did you see it last night? Gorgeous.
Now that the book is published I am working on a compilation of entries from Hyacinth and Biscuits for a small book and working on the sequel to The Dark Possum. (It's at right now FYI)
But I find I miss working on the site so back I come with (I hope) another year's worth of poems and cartoons and goofy stuff I hope you'll like.
We'll start up on Monday ( Sept. 3) with a doozy- a big one and possibly my favorite poem (if I was winched down, beaten and forced to pick one) in the English language. As with all the longer poems we do (don't worry it's not THAT long), I'll leave it up for a few days.
I may choose a few longer poems this time but not always. Just a heads up.
Thanks for sticking with me.